Stephen is perfect for property  

Welcome to our new promotion on Stephen – Stephen is perfect for property.

The initial insight into this promotion was to create a bespoke piece directed to the ever evolving and growing property development space. We have chosen a number of Stephen colours from within the palette to create a piece that emulates sophistication, and is relevant to the trends we are seeing in this space.

Stephen as a brand has been affiliated with Spicers for some time. In 2016 we introduced a new coloured textured range, that is both timeless, and organic. The brochure takes on a descriptive narrative which follows the journey of the Stephen brand to its present day status. This is a similar journey taken in the property development space, where a renewed focus on developments has seen a uniqueness in design aesthetics, with a link to sustainability. Lifestyle images feature throughout the piece, as does a floor plan and map of the location and surrounding areas, all themed back to the “Stephen” brand.

Characteristics of Stephen as follows: 

  • FSC® Mix Certified
  • Available in 8 different colours
  • Toothy texture
  • 20% Recycled Content
  • 15% Cotton

Further highlights of the publication as follows:

  • Dust jacket cover (that is removable)
  • Foil – Kurz 377 Gun Metal.
  • A foiled lifestyle illustration. The illustration was created for Spicers by Andrew Murray –
  • Multi-level embossing depicting a cotton plant
  • A gate-fold of the floor plans which also highlights the 720 x 1020 sheet size

Contact your local Spicers representative for your copy. 
1300 132 644