Compared to coated paper, uncoated paper produces no glare, making printed text easy to read. This makes it the paper of choice when printing materials with a large amount of text, such as menus and certificates, as the textured finish also gives it a more prestigious impression. This paper is also more porous, ensuring that it is easy to write upon as it absorbs ink well, thus it is commonly used for greeting cards, corporate stationery and more. Our extensive range of uncoated paper and paperboard encompasses everything from standard grade paper, for example printer paper, all the way to premium grade products for business cards, presentation folders and more. Peruse our selection of paper today and select the perfect paper and board for your project.

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  1. A1 Copy Paper

    A1 Copy Paper is a multipurpose premium copy paper available in A4 and A3 sheet sizes. 

    Learn More
  2. Beer Matt Board
    Bleached Beer Matt Board is a bulky and absorbent board suitable for air-fresheners, drink coasters, placements and business cards. Learn More
  3. Crocodile Lined Board
    A heavy weight pasted board, Crocodile Board has excellent stiffness and durability and is named for its one-sided crocodile print. Learn More
  4. Eska Board
    European manufactured, this uncoated grey board is FSC® Recycled Certified and has superior flatness and rigidity for easy processing. Learn More
  5. Pacesetter Laser Recycled
    Pacesetter Laser Recycled is a high quality paper, suitable for a variety of uses. Learn More
  6. Paperline Copy Tints
    Paperline Copy Tints is a multi-purpose premium paper with high opacity and jam free performance. Learn More
  7. Tablex System Board
    A multi-purpose system board with a smooth finish, Tablex is suitable for all types of mono and multi-colour general purpose printing. Learn More

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