Introducing The Complete Packaging Solution.

Explore our range of high quality coated and uncoated packaging boards to create a premium on-shelf presence. In a crowded retail world, being noticed has never been so important.

Discover our comprehensive range of packaging products and consider your economic, storage, weight and environmental and production requirements. 

Our products are sourced from manufacturers and suppliers that are committed to smart and greener practices. Our range includes Recycled, FSC® Certified, PEFC™ Certified and Biodegradable packaging products. 

Our new Packaging Eco Chart is a great reference tool to use when deciding on a Packaging grade to use for your next job. It features all the environmental credentials as well as the relevant recyclability credentials & food safe options all in a handy size that fits perfectly into the packaging kit. Using sustainable and eco friendly products has never been so easy.

Spicers Packaging Eco-Chart


Explore our new product additions:

Primo GC1 – Premium coated folding boxboard with coated reverse

Eclipse Greyback – One sided greyback board manufactured from 90% post consumer waste recycled fibre

Kraftpak – Natural unbleached paperboard with Kraft finish both sides

HP Kraft – Australian paperboard with Natural Kraft finish both sides.

Accurate Freeze Grease – A planet friendly bright white folding boxboard with Kit 7-9 moisture and grease barrier

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