Our Values  

Our values are aligned to the KPP Group Way. 

Being a solutions-focused company with a passion for supplying quality print products and machinery,
we align ourselves with values that enable cohesion across our business verticals. This ensures our valued customers consistently receive great products, support and brilliant service. 

•    Safety is a priority

•    Reliably deliver on our promises

•    Focused on understanding and delivering customer value

•    Considerate of the impact our actions have on the business,
      our teams and all stakeholders

•    Demonstrate honesty in all dealings

•    Adhere to the law

•    Community & sustainability minded

•    Trust & respect each other and all Spicers’ stakeholders

•    One team, working together towards a common goal

•    Communicate in a regular, open and honest manner

•    Respect and value diversity in all forms

•    Proactively engage to share ideas and create solutions        

•    Adapt in a changing environment

•    Creatively find new growth opportunities

•    Passionate about our customers and people

•    Drive continuous improvement in all areas of our business