NEW additions to the Spicers Wine & Gourmet Companion

The Spicers Wine and Gourmet Companion is the perfect accompaniment for those in search for the best self-adhesive label stocks.

Catered to the likes of printers, creatives and vintners, this Companion is designed to provide relevant information on the vast offering within the Spicers self-adhesive label portfolio from our commodity grade papers right through to the competitively priced premium collection. Within the Companion, we offer up a varied selection incorporating coated, uncoated, synthetic and metallic stocks as well as those pre-prepared for digital printing. Each label has been carefully designed with its own charming narrative, taking its owner on a journey through the array of print applications, techniques and embellishments that can be achieved. Also provided is a Design, Print and Application Guide, which breaks down these three key factors and the important role they play in delivering the best outcome for your label performance.

The Spicers Wine and Gourmet Companion along with the Design, Print and Application Guide intends to facilitate a better understanding of label application and encourage further education in effective label performance.

Manter Bereber Sand Ultra

Spicers welcomes a new addition to our Wine and Gourmet Companion, Sand & Spices, printed on Manter Bereber Sand Ultra.

'Sands&Spices' is a range of labels for Moroccan spices and condiments designed and printed on Manter Bereber Sand Ultra, an FSC Certified premium recycle self-adhesive paper stock. 

Inspired by the Moroccan dunes, this stock reveals the inherent warmth and texture of its natural and organic origins. The intertwined Sands&Spices brand device is based on the arabesque knot. The label designs implement the concept of patterned tessellated tiles - with colours evoking the exotic richness of a Marrakesh bazaar bedded on earthy desert sand. 

The diecut key shape is nested and repeated, like the tiles themselves, also making the label production more economical. They key shape multiplies across the wide range of exotic spices and luscious condiments - with each variant label having its own distinguishing geometric motif and colour palette. 

The range exemplifies the stock's versatility across both wet and dry foodstuffs and the adaptability of the design across the various size and shapes of the glass vessels with eco sustainable bamboo lids. 

Designed by Annette Harcus and printed by Multi Colour Australia's Victorian team, this high quality and high end product is ideal for food and beverage labelling, including wine, cosmetics and health care.

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