RC Kraft

Redefining Packaging Excellence for cookie dough and beyond. 

In the dynamic realm of packaging solutions, innovation is the compass that guides us towards a future where form meets function, and sustainability intertwines with creativity. Introducing RC Kraft – the fourth and most anticipated addition to the Spicers Packaging series. Designed by the visionary minds at Contain Studio and brought to life by the precision of Adams Print, RC Kraft marks a significant leap forward in the art of packaging.

RC Kraft, with its unbleached reverse side, is designed to be the ultimate companion for cookie dough packaging. This revolutionary product isn't just about containment; it's about elevating the very essence of what's contained. With unparalleled strength, exceptional printing capabilities, and outstanding freezer performance, RC Kraft breathes life into your creations, making sure they're presented to the world in all their delectable glory.

Features That Set RC Kraft Apart

FSC® Certified - A Commitment to Sustainability: 
RC Kraft proudly wears its FSC® Certification (licensed code FSC® C010628) as a badge of honor. It's a testament to Spicers' dedication to responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship. By choosing RC Kraft, you're not just choosing packaging; you're choosing a greener, more sustainable future.

Great Rigidity - Defying the Ordinary: 
RC Kraft's inherent rigidity is a silent testament to its durability and strength. When your packaged goods demand the utmost protection, RC Kraft stands unwavering, safeguarding your products and ensuring they reach their destination unscathed.

Excellent Runnability - Efficiency in Motion: 
In a world driven by efficiency, RC Kraft excels. This means smoother operations, faster throughput, and ultimately, greater productivity.

Smooth Double Coated Top Surface - Canvas of Creativity: 
Your packaging is your brand's canvas. RC Kraft's smooth double-coated top surface offers the perfect medium for your branding endeavors. From minimalist elegance to bold statements, RC Kraft adapts, elevating your brand's visual identity.

Cold Companionship - Versatility for Freezing and Fridge: 
RC Kraft is not confined by temperature. Its suitability for freezer and fridge applications makes it a versatile partner for various products. It's more than packaging; it's your assurance that your creations remain as fresh and delightful as intended.

Direct Contact Confidence - A Seal of Trust: 
When it comes to food packaging, safety is paramount. RC Kraft's compatibility with dry, moist, acidic, and fatty foodstuffs ensures that you can package with confidence, knowing your products are in safe hands.


  • Frozen goods 
  • Food packaging 
  • Beverage packaging 
  • Industrial and Logistics 
  • Chocolate and Confectionery packaging 
  • Heavy parts packaging 
  • Electronics 
  • Pharmaceutical  

Experience unmatched strength, sustainability, and visual appeal that will elevate your brand to new heights. 

Contact your local Spicers representative for your copy of Dough Mates or a sample of RC Kraft. 


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