Verdure Lustre Premium

Verdure Lustre Premium is a high gloss white cast coated paper. It's mirror finish provides ideal contrast and brilliance for a multitude of label uses. Particularly suited to high quality, multi coloured labels, with exceptional mechanical and humidity resistance.
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    196679 Verdure Lustre Premium 1000mm x 2000m $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
    167303 Verdure Lustre Premium 1060mm x 2000m $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
    196887 Verdure Lustre Premium 1585mm x 4000m $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
    192110 Verdure Lustre Premium GW 230x2000m R $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
    189807 Verdure Lustre Premium GW 250x2000m R $1221.00  / 1000 M2 ?
    191772 Verdure Lustre Premium GW 265x2000m R $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
    192111 Verdure Lustre Premium GW 270x2000m R $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
    192523 Verdure Lustre Premium GW 300x2000m R $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
    192487 Verdure Lustre Premium GW 333x2000m R $1623.60  / 1000 M2 ?
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    • Prestige point of sale labels for household goods and cosmetic packaging
    • Eye catching wine labels to best represent the wine inside the bottle
    • High Class beverage and food stuff labelling where a lasting crisp finish kends itself to the image of the product

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    Face Material:    


    Test Method



    ISO 536

    85 ± 5 g/m2


    ISO 534

    94 ± 5 microns



     Adhesive:     C58 Chill permanent

     A water bourne acrylic emulsion with excellent initial and final tack. A superior cold temperature adhesive with superior adhesive force where condensation is present. Adheres easily with minimal pressure – excellent initial tack and final tack.  



    Water bourne acrylic

    Initial tack N/25mm

    FTM 9

    14.3 (allowance 11.3 ≤)

    Peel adhesion 180°

    FTM 1

    10 (allowance 5.0 ≤)

    Peel adhesion 90°

    FTM 2

    5.5 (allowance 3.0≤

     Ball tack no.


    18 (allowance 15≤)

    Min application Temp


    -0ºC to +40ºC 

    Service Temperature 

    -30ºC to +70ºC 

    Food contact


    Direct contact for dry non-fatty foods





    Compatible with all print methods such as letterpress, offset, flexography, silkscreen, hot foil stamping, UV varnishing and thermal transfer printing.


    White glassine backing, convenient for the high speed printing and printing and stripping of both rotary and flat bed letterpress labels. It's thickness, stability and hardness ensures excellent performance with label printing machines and automatic applicators.


    72 gsm


    62 microns

    Tensile Strength MD

    Tensile Strength CD

    Min 7.0kg/15mm

    Min 4.5kg/15mm