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Adhesive Glossary

For definitions of industry terms used in this website, peruse our adhesive glossary and specifications below.

Adhesive specifications

Adhesion depends on the surface type, temperature of substrate, ambient temperature, applicator etc. It is strongly recommended to pre-test the material under actual application conditions prior to use to assess suitability.

Acrylic Adhesive   Hot melt adhesive   UV Acrylic 

AP2000 Permanent UV acrylic adhesive designed to remain cloud free in moist, steam and condensated applications.
AP901 Permanent acrylic for general purpose applications, designed for synthetic films.
AP903 Permanent acrylic with good application in a wide temperature range on cold and damp surfaces.
AP904 Permanent acrylic with good adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.
AP940 Permanent acrylic adhesive for outdoor labelling.
AR801 Removable acrylic adhesive.
AR827B Seal & reseal adhesive.
C51 Repositionable acrylic adhesive.
C58 Permanent acrylic formulated with excellent cold temperature adhesion on damp surfaces.
FR-20 Removable acrylic adhesive for laser/office applications.
HT2 Extra permanent adhesive for extra durability.
LT1 Permanent acrylic for laser applications.
P22 General permanent acrylic adhesive.
PF1 Permanent acrylic adhesive.
R80 Removable acrylic adhesive that detaches without residue for general applications.
S13   Extra permanent acrylic adhesive that is suitable for a wide variety of substrates.
SH-6020+ Permanent acrylic with strong initial adhesion, high tack and good cohesion. Designed for applications on damp surfaces at low temperatures. Developed for glass bottles with good ice bucket performance.
RP1001 Permanent rubber based adhesive with high tack and adhesion.
RP1011 Extra permanent, rubber based adhesive with high tack and adhesion.
RP1101 Extra permanent rubber based adhesive with high tack and adhesion for synthetic films.

Face Stock specifications

With a wide variety of print processes available, the suitability of the print process in conjunction with the label stock should be considered carefully. Label face stocks have different properties. Due to this, applicator settings should be tailored to suit the choice of substrate.

CAV Cavitated
GW Gloss white
IDP Indigo digital printing (pre coated)
OPP Oriented polypropylene
PE Polyethylene
PP Polypropylene
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
TC Top coated
TT Thermal transfer 

Backing specifications

Also referred to as release liner, carrier or gassine, the backing material of a label needs to be considered within the production and application processes. With multiple thicknesses available, our label product offering presents products to suit both roll to roll and roll to sheet applications. 

PET Polyester - Thin, light weight and extremely strong, perfect for high speed label applications.
WG White glassine - Strong, smooth paper liner designed for reel to reel applications.
WK Kraft liner - Bulkier paper liners and lay flat properties, designed for roll to sheet applications.