Yupo FPU Sheets

Durable polypropylene media with brilliant colour reproduction, high quality and sharp print definition. Smooth surface results in excellent print quality, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. High white, excellent opacity &ndash perfect for poster, light box and street furniture applications. High bulk with excellent lay-flat and stiffness properties. Specifically formulated for UV screen and UV curable inkjet printing processes. Special surface treatment for low static and strong, precise ink adhesion. Maximum durability &ndash Water, UV, Chemical and Oil resistant. Yupo FPU is made from polypropylene and is 100% recyclable (plastic recycling code 5). Temperature tolerance - 40°C to +120°C Available in sheets and rolls.
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    188263 Yupo FPU250 UV 1320x2650 200g (BK) Flagged $13.55  / 1000 SHEET $14.90  / 1000 SHEET
    137747 Yupo FPU250 UV 1540x1060 200g (BK) Wrapped $14.55  / 1000 SHEET $16.00  / 1000 SHEET
    104919 Yupo FPU250 UV Synthetic 1600mm x 2600mm 200gsm Flagged $16.64  / 1000 SHEET $18.30  / 1000 SHEET
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    • Polypropylene film
    • Adshel specified product (158gsm)
    • Tear & weather resistant
    • Specifically designed for Screen & UV curable inkjet printing
    • Market leading bulk, whiteness, opacity, ink adhesion & colour reproduction
    • Applications: Large format posters, light box & street furniture
    • Custom sheeting available on request
    • Archival Life
    • PH Neutral
    • Waterproof
    • Large format posters
    • Light boxes
    • Street furniture
    • Point of sale
    • Signage
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    BASE MATERIAL     FPU250    FPU200      
    Nominal Weight 200 g/m2 158 g/m2
    Thickness 250 µm 200 µm
    Whiteness 97% 98%
    Opacity 99% 98%
    Gloss 15% 15%

    YUPO FPU is manufactured from polypropylene resins, inorganic fillers and additives. Since YUPO contains no wood or pulp or other or other organic materials, it contributes to the preservation of our natural timber resources. All emissions in the manufacturing process are well within accepted environmental standards, and no ozone layer threatening emissions result from manufacturing process.

    Yupo synthetic papers are fully recyclable (plastic code 5), and its waste may be reclaimed as resin.
    When properly incinerated.
    Yupo emits carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20)
    Yupo generates less heat energy compared to other plastics.
    Yupo synthetic papers generate no detectable amounts of sulphur, chlorine, nitrogen or dioxin gases.

    Colour              GSM


    158, 200