X Board Print

X Board® Print is a lightweight natural fibre based composite board consisting of a recycled kraft core sandwiched between printable white liners.The high crush strength kraft core is manufactured from post-consumer recycled kraft and sugar cane bagasse waste. This offers designers and board convertors a VOC-free and fully repulpable alternative to MDF, particle board and non-renewable rigid or foam-filled plastic sheeting.

    • Fully recyclable with 97% recycled content
    • Can be direct UV inkjet printed, shape cut, v-notched, curved, laminated.
    • Exceptional strength to weight ratio characterised by a unique crush resistant core
    • Perfect for short to medium term structual applications
    • Hanging signs
    • Header cards
    • Mounting board
    • Directional signage
    • Exhibition stands
    • 3D structures
    • Shop fitout
    • POS display
    • Interior design

    1220 x 2440 - 10mm

    1220 x 2900 - 10mm

    1220 x 2440 - 16mm

    1220 x 2900 - 16mm

    Physical Properties




    Crush Strength

    ASTM C473-03

    Flexural Strength

    ASTM C473-03


    2,2 kg/m²

    90 ton / m²



    2,4 kg/m²

    90 ton / m²


    Climate Resistance 



    Low temperature resistance, exposure to -5˚C for 48 hours

    No visible changes

    High Temperature resistance, exposure to 70˚ C for 48 hours

    No visible changes

    Humidity resistance ASTM C473: Vertical exposure in humidity cabinet for 48 hours 90% humidity and 40˚C

    No visible changes, deformation, warping, swelling or fungi growth.


    • Excellent rigidity and stability under indorr humidity and temperature fluctuations.
    • Excellent condensate and moisture hold out under varying conditions

    Eco - Friendly 
    • All components are classified as non-hazardous accoring to the EEC Hazard Classification.
    • All components are not considered as chemical or biological hazards
    • No Volatile carcinogenic decomposition
    • VOC (volatile organic compound) none to neglible - none less than 5ppm
    • X Board Print is classified as fully repulable in normal paper and plulping lines
    • X Board Core consists of 100% post consumer fibre waste

    Converting Temperature
    • Recommended application temperature range: 5˚ and 45˚
    • Recommended room temperature for CNC cutting: 21˚ ± 3˚
    Both sides show the same visual surface properties as well as print performance. Excellent printability: solvent screen, UV digital and screen.

    All values presented in this data sheet provide the general characteristics of the product. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or end user to determine that the product is fit for the specific application it is to be used for.