X Board Kraft

X Board® Kraft is a high strength low weight kraft based composite board suitable for indoor use. X-Board Kraft is ideal for Surface post lamination, any application that requires a rigid and stable substate, structual packaging, Exhibition stands, production runs with roller laminators.

    • Fully recyclable with 100% recycled content
    • Can be direct UV inkjet printed, shape cut, v-notched, curved, laminated.
    • Exceptional strength to weight ratio characterised by a unique crush resistant core
    • Perfect for short to medium term structual applications
    • Suitable alternative to PVC, Flute, Foam board, MDF & Particle board
    • X Board kraft can be Upholstered, Laminated, Painted, Pressed with decorative foil, Mitre cut, Shape cut, Folded, Curved, Photo mounted, Fastened with Velcro, magnetic strips or hot melt adhesive.
    • Hanging signs
    • Header cards
    • Mounting board
    • Directional signage
    • Exhibition stands
    • 3D structures
    • Shop fitout
    • POS display
    • Interior design

    1220 x 2440 - 10mm

    1220 x 2440 - 16mm

    Physical Properties




    Crush Strength

    ASTM C473-03

    Flexural Strength

    ASTM C473-03

    Nail Pull Resistance 

    AST M C 473 - 03


    1,86 kg/m²

    90 ton / m²

    WMD 21 AMD 28



    2,4 kg/m²

    90 ton / m²

    WMD 39 AMD 44



    Climate Resistance 



    Low temperature resistance, exposure to -5˚C for 48 hours

    No visible changes

    High Temperature resistance, exposure to 70˚ C for 48 hours

    No visible changes

    Humidity resistance ASTM C473: Vertical exposure in humidity cabinet for 48 hours 90% humidity and 40˚C

    No visible changes, deformation, warping, swelling or fungi growth.


    • Excellent rigidity and stability under indorr humidity and temperature fluctuations.
    • Excellent condensate and moisture hold out under varying conditions
    • Minimum 3 year indoor useful life expectancy for approved converting and application conditions

    Eco - Friendly 
    • All components are classified as non-hazardous accoring to the EEC Hazard Classification.
    • All components are not considered as chemical or biological hazards
    • No Volatile carcinogenic decomposition
    • VOC (volatile organic compound) none to neglible - none less than 5ppm
    • X Board Print is classified as fully repulable in normal paper and plulping lines
    • X Board Core consists of 100% post consumer fibre waste
    • X-Board consists of recycled Kraft as well as organic binding systems.

    Converting Temperature
    • Recommended application temperature range: 5˚ and 45˚
    • Recommended room temperature for CNC cutting: 21˚ ± 3˚
    • B3 as per DIN 4102 approved
    • No toxic fumes when burned.
    • Non-explosive.
    • Low fire load rating based on low calorific value when burning.

    All values presented in this data sheet provide the general characteristics of the product. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or end user to determine that the product is fit for the specific application it is to be used for.