Verdure Origins Ultra

Verdure Origins Ultra is a specialty uncoated paper produced for distinct wine, cider, spirit and kraft beer labelling.

    Face Material:


    Verdure Origins Ultra GW


    General characteristics

    Premium quality recycled paper (30% post-consumer fibres) with a smooth finish and an Ultra WS treatment. Due to the nature of the raw material used, there may be the small variations in colour and look.

    Grammage (gr/m2) ISO 536


    Thickness (µm) ISO 534




    SH­6020 PLUS






    General characteristics

    Permanent acrylic water based adhesive. Good adhesion to wet surfaces at low temperatures. Especially designed for glass containers, with excellent resistance to immersion in water/ice.

    The research centre ISEGA has given the adhesive SH­6020 Plus approval according to the European requirements for indirect contact with foodstuffs and compliance with the rules of the Code of Federal Regulations, FDA, 21 CFR Ch.I(April 1, 2013 edition)

    175.105 . According to the FDA regulations the adhesive must be separated from the foodstuffs by a functional barrier.

    Tack (N) glass FTM­9


    Cohesion (h) 1kg FTM­8


    Labelling temperature (ºC)


    Usage temperature (ºC)


    Shelf life:

    2 years, under storage conditions as defined by FINAT section 2.5 (20­25ºC, 40­50% RH)



    General characteristics

    Supercalendered glassine paper, white.

    Grammage (gr/m2) ISO 536


    Thickness (µm) ISO 534


    Tensile strength MD/CD (KN/m) ISO 1924

    MD(KN/m) >6,8 CD (KN/m) >3,0

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