Stickler Vellum AP904

Stickler Vellum AP90 is a smooth white uncoated woodfree paper designed for forms, data and thermal transfer labelling.

    Face Material:


    Smoothed paper


    Colour and finish




    68 g/m² ±10%



    77 µ ±10%


    Adhesive:           AP904 – Permanent Acrylic Adhesive

    Good adhesion on a wide variety of materials including non-comparable substrates (like PE and PP).

    This adhesive is approved by ISEGA (direct contact dry & moist, non fatty food stuffs) according to the German recommendations XIV and complies with FDA 175. 105. 


    AP 904


    Acrylic, permanent

    Service Temp.

    -40ºC / +100ºC

    Min. Appl. Temp.

    + 5ºC




    13 N/inch²

    Final adhesion

    10 N/inch

    Shelf life:

    36 months, applicable only to the material delivered by the mill which has not undergone further processing, under the following storage conditions:

    - This material must be stored at a temperature of 22ºC ± 2ºC and 50 ± 5% of relative humidity.


    White glassine - WG white glassine backing allows high speed conversion and consistent dispensing on a wide range of equipment.


    Glassine paper


    Colour and finish





    PP-032 – ISO 536


    55 microns

    ISO 534

    - Storage area must be dry and clean.

    - Keep the material in the original packaging when not used in order to protect it from dust and contamination.

    - Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat sources.

    Labels for EDP printers with controllable release
    Suitable with different printing systems (letterpress, flexo etc), laser and EDP printers. Testing for suitability between media, printers and inks is always recommended prior to use.
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