Stickler Crystal Clear

Stickler Crystal Clear is a clear Polypropylene top coated film designed for label clarity with exceptional "no label" effect. Supplied with good stability to allow optimum print results and label performance giving the stock a cloud free/high resolution finish.
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    • Top coated 50ums clear on clear.
    • AP2000 (UV Acrylic) permanent adhesive designed to remain cloud free in moist, steam and condensated applications.
    • Supplied with a 30ums clear PET Liner

    Recommended for labels where a ‘no-label look’ face-stock is required, such as prime labels for:

    • Appliances
    • Body care
    • Food and beverages
    • Household chemicals
    • Toys
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    Face Material: 


    Test Method




    45 g/m2



    50 microns

    UV Exposure


    6 mths, depending on ink coverage


    AP2000 Acrylic Permanent: Permanent pure acrylic adhesive featuring excellent clarity (non-whitening). High water, steam, UV, chemicals and temperature resistance. Ideal for “no label look” effect. Good adhesion on apolar substrates (like PE and PP). 


    Test Method


    Water based acrylic

    Direct sunlight resistance




    Application temperature °C

    +5°C (min.)

    Service temperature °C

    -40 to + 170°C

    Tack FTM 9

    9 N/25mm

    Ultimate adhesion FTM2

    7 N/25mm


    Laminate Shelf Life            24 months stored at 20ºC/50% RH

                                                   Typical Laminate Caliper                    95 +/-6 ums  ASTM D374-88

                                                   Total Weight                                          99 +/- 6 gsm  RIT.PP-032

    Shelf life

    24 months, applicable only to material delivered by Ritrama which has not undergone further processing, under the following storage conditions:  material in original packaging when not used in order to protect it from dust and contamination, and not exposed to direct sunlight or heat sources.

    Flexography, letterpress, screen, offset and thermal transfer

    PET 30 – 1 side siliconised polyester lining





    42 gsm ±10%

    PP-032 – ISO 536


    30 microns ±10%

    ISO 534