Splendorlux Cast Coated

Splendorlux is a one-sided cast coated board with high gloss and whiteness. Certified FSC® and made with ECF pulp, substances over 215gsm are on-machine laminated in the formation stage. The board also has a light matt coating on the reverse side.
    • Made with ECF pulp
    • Certified FSC®
    • Light matt coating on reverse side
    • Subtle shades, bold and metallic colours


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    • Folders
    • Graphic material
    • Laminating
    • Packaging
    • Post cards
    • Soft covers
    • Allow longer drying time
    • Under Colour Removal (UCR) recommended
    • Scoring recommended over 170gsm
    • Special Inks required

    For offset printing, it is advisable to use oxidative drying inks and ensure more control at the pH, and the conductivity of the fountain solution, in order to keep emulsioning at minimum levels. Use of a moderate ink load will result in better control of setting, if necessary, use anti set-off spray powder or add ink drier paste. When printing recto/verso it is advisable to print the matt side first to prevent damages to the other side.

    Colour                                                                                                                        GSM                                  

    Azure, Black, Cream, Deep Yellow, Old Gold, Orange, Pearl Ice, Red & Silver

    Digital - White



    ISO 536

    ISO 534

    Taber Stiffness 15°
    ISO 2493

    Tearing length
    ISO 1924

    250 +/- 5%


    Long+/- 10%160
    Cross+/- 10% 80

    Long+/- 10% 7000
    Cross+/- 10% 3000

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