Skyrise Print

Skyrise Print is a high quality signage grade aluminium panel with an easy to remove protective liner on both sides. With a Polyester (PE) painted aluminium coils laminated on both sides and an aluminium profiled core,  Skyrise Print offers the best possible printing surface, increase ink adhesion and market leading durability. Backed by a 10 year warranty*, it can be easily cut, bent or folded and is suited to a wide range of interior and exterior print and fabrication applications.

Skyrise Print is not deemed combustible on AS NZ 1530.1 Certificate FN12078 

    • AS NZ 1530.1 Certificate FN12078 Skyrise Print is not deemed combustible 
    • 10 year warranty*
    • Premium direct mail print panel
    • Increased ink adhesion
    • Superior converting performance
    • Easy to remove protective liner
    • Indoor and Outdoor use – not suitable for building cladding / facades

    Download the Warranty Statement.

    • Point of sale displays
    • Signage & Wayfinding
    • Exhibitions


    Test Method



    Temperature Limit



    -50 ± 80

    Core Shear Properties

    ASTM C393/393-11


    Core shear ultimate




    strength: 0.91




    Facing Stress: 130.7

    Tensile Properties of Facing

    ASTM E8/E8M15a


    Tensile Strength: 172.9

    Aluminium Panel







    Elongation: 8.4%

    Tensile Strength

    ASTM C297/C297M15



    Facing Peel Torque

    ASTM D1781-98 (2012)

    mm N/mm²


    Thermal Resistance

    From -50°C to +80 °C


    Thermal Resistance



    Thickness 4mm

    0.005 m2K/W

    Expansion Coefficient

    (x10 -6/°C)



    Elongation per 1000mm








    Suited to a wide range of flat and 3D interior and exterior print and fabrications applications - not suitable for building / cladding facades.

    All values presented in this data sheet provide the general characteristics of the product. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or end user to determine that the product is fit for the specific application it is to be used for.

    Skyrise Print is a premium signage grade, direct print, aluminium composite panel, suited to a wide range of flat and 3D interior and exterior print, mount and fabrication signage & advertising applications. It is not suitable for construction/building cladding. 
    All users should seek their own legal/expert advice when making decisions. Spicers takes no responsibility for any decisions a company may make. We do not have the expertise to confirm the suitability of our panel where specific building regulations need to be met.