Cut & Coloured Vinyl

Cut & Coloured VinylCut & Coloured Vinyl
Our extensive range is one of the best in the business. With stock on hand and sold by the metre*, we have grades to suit a huge variety of applications.

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  1. 3M 1080 Wrap SAV
    3M 1080 Wrap SAV is a dual premium cast vinyl wrap film, with a grey, airflow permanent adhesive and polyethylene-coated paper liner. Learn More
  2. 3M 180mC
    3M 180mC is a pressure activated adhesive for easy sliding, tacking, snap-up and repositioning. Learn More
  3. 3M 3630

    3M 3630 is a translucent, matte premium cast vinyl, with a clear permanent adhesive and a translucent, synthetic lay-flat liner.

    Learn More
  4. 3M 7725
    3M 7725 is a high gloss, premium cast vinyl with clear permanent adhesive and transparent synthetic liner. Learn More
  5. 3M SC50
    3M SC50 is a high gloss, intermediate polymeric vinyl with clear remeovable adhesive (up to 3 years) and a kraft liner Learn More

5 Items

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