Sacrificial Underlay Polypropylene

Polypropelene won't have static issues experienced with polyester
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    187323 Laminate Underlay Thin POLY 1430mm x 400M $413.66  / ROLL
    187324 Laminate Underlay Thin POLY 1540mm X 400M $444.61  / ROLL
    187781 Laminate Underlay Thin POLY 1630mm X 400M $472.16  / ROLL
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    • If liner is creased it will not transfer to the surface of the image as it can with paper 
    • Polypropelene won't have static issues experienced with polyester
    • 76mm core
    • 25 micron thickness 
    • Heat resistant 
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    Construction - BOPP Polypropelene or PET Polyester
    Usage - Sacrificial liner/underlay
    Thickness - 25 micron
    Heat Resistant - Yes
    Shrinkage - NIL
    Cores - All on 76mm cores