Precision Laser - The other BIG Australian legend

Ever wondered what BIG discoveries are in your own backyard?

Australians have a love affair of legendary BIG things: The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, to name a few. It’s our quirky fascination with ‘big things’ that can be an excuse for a road trip. These towering animals, seafood and produce that dot the country have become Australian legends. 

Our legends are as true blue and fair dinkum as Australia itself. There are many Big Things across Australia, and we have added one more to the list! 

Precision Laser text is laser guaranteed, has excellent runnabilty and bulk, economically priced and is PEFC Certified. 

This BIG local legend is an all rounder in offset printing with superior bulk and opacity, and has been Australian made for over 30 years supporting Australian manufacturing, the Australian economy, and Aussie jobs. 

All wood is sourced locally in Victoria and is from sustainable and renewable resources. 

Australian made Precision Laser 70-120gsm* is available ex-stock or on indent from Spicers, and local production ensures quick and reliable turnaround of indent orders. Printing on Australian made papers is environmentally responsible and contributes to our economy and Australian jobs. 

Precision Laser - The other BIG Australian legend is printed on Precision Laser 100gsm. CMYK + PMS 811. 
Designed by Spicers Australia
Printed by Gunn & Taylor

Precision Laser
Text weight features 

• Australian made

• PEFC certified

• Available Carbon Neutral 

• ISO 9001

• AS/NZ 4801 

• Economically priced

• Excellent runnability and bulk

• ISO 14001 environmental certification

• Available in 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120gsm


• Annual reports                                 

• Brochures          

• Catalogues                                   

• Corporate Identity

• Desk pads     

Specifying Australian-made Precision Laser* text paper for your print requirements will ensure a positive social, economic and environmentally responsible contribution to Australia.  

Proudly Aussie made for Aussie jobs!

* Spicers Precision Laser 70-120gsm is made by Opal Australian Paper at Maryvale Mill in Victoria. 

Big all rounder. 

Local legend
from Maryvale. 

Born in 1987. 

Aussie made. 

Contact your local Spicers representative for a samples.


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