Pegasus Shelf Mark Removable PE

Pegasus Shelf Mark Removable PE is a FSC® coated art paper with a removable PE laminated white paper used for supermarket shelf talkers.




    Self adhesive label


    Basis weight (g/m2)

    181.0 ± 10.0

    ISO 536



    Thickness (µm)

    196 ± 10

    ISO 534


    Coated Paper- FSC

    Basis weight (g/m2)

    79.0 ± 5.0

    ISO 536



    Thickness (µm)

    62 ± 5

    ISO 534


    Removable glue

    Peel adhesion (N/25mm)

    ³ 1.5

    FTM 1 - Glass



    Initial tack (N/25mm)

    ³ 1.5

    FTM 9 - Glass



    Cohesion (min)

    ³ 300

    FTM 8



    Minimum application temp. (°C)





    Service temp. (°C)

    -40 to 70




    Product Validity *

    2 years



    Uncoated White paper

    Basis weight (g/m2)

    85.0 ± 5.0

    ISO 536


    with PE resin extrusion

    Thickness (µm)

    122 ± 5

    ISO 534

    * Product Validity :  The properly glue adhesion on our self adhesive label can be maintain adhesive strength at least 2 years from date of manufacture, if stored under 23°C 50% RH with the original packaging.

    Caution and Suggestion

    The substrate should be free of dust and lubricant before apply. Please use once unwrapped, if there are remains need to be wrapped by original wrapper. Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat sources. This product should be tested thoroughly under use condition to ensure it meet the requirement of the specific application.