Manter Tintoretto Greaseproof

Manter Tintoretto Greaseproof is made with ECF pulp. Pure and felt-marked on both sides, a greaseproof treatment provides a vegetable, oil and grease barrier.

    Specifically developed for labelling in applications where resistance against vegetable oil and grease is required.

    Due to the high stiffness of this product, it is not recommended for labelling small diameter curved surfaces (bottle neck labels).

    Shelf life:

    2 years.  Store at a temperature of 22°C and 50 ± 5% RH.

    Face Material: 


    Test Method



    ISO 536

    95 g/m2


    ISO 534

    135 µm


    SH-6020 PLUS

    Permanent acrylic water based adhesive.  Good adhesion to wet surfaces at low temperatures.  Designed for glass containers with excellent resistance to immersion in water/ice.  ISEGA approved for indirect contact with foodstuffs.


    Test Method



    Finat FTM 9

    > 12

    Cohesion (h)

    1kg FTM-8

    > 2

    Labelling temperature


    > 5°C

    Usage temperature


    -10°C / + 75°C

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