Manter Sirio Pearl Ice White Ultra

Manter Sirio Pearl Ice White Ultra is a special surface coated paper with a metallised pearlescent finish. Coated with ULTRA co-extrusion performance to ensure the highest water application resistance possible for an uncoated stock.
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    187622 Manter Sirio Pearl Ice White Ultra 333mm x 2000m $4161.00  / 1000 M2 $4577.10  / 1000 M2 ?
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    Used in food and beverage, cosmetic, health care and wine labelling.

    This technical specification includes our experience and know-how regards the following:

    a)     The composition of our products

    b)     Their generic adhesive qualities normalised by means of the ISO procedure and regarding the international rule Finat generally accepted in this sector.

    Any reference to final use is subjected to our good knowledge and opinion and does not imply specific irrevocable guarantees for final use in end product labelling and packaging.

    Over and above these standards the product user is responsible for assessing, testing and ensuring the specific scope of the label in certain applications by means of prior generic official approval.

    NOTE: Extra care should also be taken due to the label thickness; therefore Sirio Pearl Ice White is not suited to tight (narrow diameter) surfaces. Tests must be carried out to ensure the label thickness and conformation is to the intended requirements prior to running.

    Face Material: 


    Test Method



    ISO 536

    110 g/m2


    ISO 534

    130 microns


    SH 6020 Plus - Permanent acrylic adhesive

    Strong initial adhesion, high tack and good cohesion. Suitable for all-purpose applications on wet surfaces at low temperature.  Excellent resistance to ice water.


    Test Method



    N / Glass FTM-9



    h/ 1kg FTM-8


    Application temperature (min)



    Service temperature (min)


    -10 ºC

    Service temperature (max)



    Sirio Pearl Ice White can be printed with a variety of processes from screen, foil, letterpress, flexography and offset printing.

    CB80 - Super calendared white glassine paper

    Backing paper designed for automatic label generation.


    78 gsm


    67 microns