LG LD2700

LG LD2700 is a matt and gloss white promotional monomeric vinyl, with a clear permanent adhesive and double side olefin coated paper liner.

    • Matt and gloss white promotional monomeric vinyl, with a clear permanent adhesive and super flat double side olefin coated paper liner 
    • Up to 2 years unprinted outdoor vertical durability 
    • General purpose promotional vinyl for flat and slightly curved surfaces 
    • Suitable for solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable and latex printing
    • Excellent printing performance
    • Dimensional stability and performance under a wide range of physical and climatic conditions
    • Excellent weather resistance: Solvent based acrylic adhesive (Permanent Type)
    • Outdoor display, sign, exhibition stand, etc. ⇒ The films conform well to flat and seamed surfaces, when processed and applied according to LG recommendations.

    Available in Gloss White 1370 x 50, 1520 x 50

    Available in Matt White 1370 x 50, 1520 x 50

    Characteristics Item



    3.2 mils(80 microns) opaque film with gloss finish


    4.1 mils(105 microns) with adhesive (± 10%)


    Acrylic based pressure sensitive(Solvent based)

    Adhesive color



    Double side olefin coated paper

    Application surfaces

    Flat, slightly curved surfaces

    Application temp.

    ≥10℃(18 to 25℃ optimum)

    Shelf life

    Shelf life is 1 year from factory shipment.

    Storage condition: Free from excessive moisture, temperature, direct sunlight (20℃ x 50% R.H)

    Durability is based on field experience and exposure tests in South Korea. Outdoor durability is 2 years when properly processed and applied (unprinted film vertical exposure).

    Physical Properties Property


    Test Method

    Thickness (Including adhesive)

    105㎛ ± 10%


    Tensile strength

    ≥ 1.8kg/cm

    ASTM 882


    ≥ 100%

    ASTM 882

    Peel adhesion(24hrs)


    180 peeling PSTC-1

    Service temp. range

    -25℃ ~ 82℃

    Film applied Al panels 24hrs prior test

    Application temp.

    ≥ 10℃

    18 to 25℃ optimum, on clean substrate


    Tt ≤ 12

    Haze Meter (Tt: Transmission)


    60 ↑

    @60, in Machine Direction

    Dimensional Stability

    Max 0.5mm

    Adhered to Aluminum Plate, Length Direction

    (80℃ Oven, 24hr , Average)

    Release liner thickness

    0.15mm ± 10%


    All statements, technical information and recommendation are based on tests we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed, and the following is made in lieu of all warranties of merchantability and fitness for the purpose: Sellers and manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.