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In our busy retail world, being noticed has never been so important.

Spicers range of quality label and packaging products enable our customers and clients to create a premium on-shelf presence for their brands.

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  1. Ace Screenboard

    A twin sided display board intended primarily for UV Inkjet printing, the triple coated surface provides superior printing characteristics.

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  2. OLT Cast Gloss R80 (Removable)
    OLT Cast Gloss R80 (Removable) is a cast coated label paper intended for premium quality promotional and point of sales labelling. Learn More
  3. Stickler Coverall RP1001
    Stickler Coverall is a white gloss paper produced with a black reverse for high opacity and blockout applications. Learn More
  4. Stickler Vellum AP904
    Stickler Vellum AP904 is a smooth white uncoated woodfree paper. Learn More
  5. Stickler Vellum Wash Off
    Stickler Vellum Wash Off is a smooth white uncoated woodfree paper. Learn More
  6. Triplex Fotocopy
    Triplex Fotocopy is of triplex construction, also referred to as piggyback. Learn More
  7. Triplex Gloss
    Triplex Gloss is constructed with two glassine liners, also referred to as piggy backing. The face material is a white, clay coated calendared paper with a gloss surface. Learn More
  8. Verdure Lustre
    Verdure Lustre is a wet strength paper cellulose substrate manufactured with a high cast gloss surface. Learn More

8 Items

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