From book binding to luxury packaging, our uncoated board range provides a smooth, high quality finish for both standard and premium requirements. Included in this offering is coreboard and boxboard with or without a white liner.

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  1. Attica Graphic Board White Lined
    A one-sided, white uncoated board with a grey reverse, Attica Graphic Board White Lined 1/S has a super smooth surface. Learn More
  2. CORE Boxboard

    CORE Boxboard’s smooth, flat and firm finish ensures excellent and durable product results.

    Learn More
  3. Crocodile Lined Board
    A heavy weight pasted board, Crocodile Board has excellent stiffness and durability and is named for its one-sided crocodile print. Learn More
  4. Drink Coaster Board
    Uncoated woodfree ECF board, white, high strength. Learn More
  5. EnShield
    EnShield natural kraft is a planet friendly uncoated kraft board. The 12 kit coating has exceptional oil/grease resistance to prevent unappetizing packaging stains. Learn More
  6. Eska Board
    European manufactured, this uncoated grey board is FSC® Recycled Certified and has superior flatness and rigidity for easy processing. Learn More
  7. Foldkraft
    Foldkraft is a natural unbleached kraft paperboard that runs well and looks good. Foldkraft's market leading smoothness delivers sharper images and excellent solid ink coverage, with the added benefit of being durable and strong. Learn More
  8. Polarshield Ovenable Board
    SBS Polyester (PET) board with clear reverse coat that withstands temperatures from -40°c to +220°c. Learn More
  9. Printkote Poly PE
    PrintKote Poly is a classic bright white bleached SBS Paperboard delivery exceptional printing characteristics combined with a tough moisture and grease resistant barrier. Learn More
  10. RC Kraft
    RC Kraft is a multi layer coated kraft board with unbleached reverse side. The boards great rigidity and strength, combined with excellent printing surface makes it a world class choice for a wide range of packaging applications. Learn More

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