Unveiling Kraftpak: Elevating Branding Through Innovative Packaging

In the world of branding, packaging is a powerful tool that holds the key to capturing consumers' attention, conveying brand identity, and creating a lasting impression. Recognising this significance, Spicers, a leading provider of creative solutions, introduces Kraftpak as the latest addition to their creative packaging series—a remarkable advancement designed to revolutionise the way we perceive packaging and its impact on branding.

Kraftpak, an unbleached paperboard with a natural kraft finish on both sides, emerges as the new addition to Spicers' creative packaging series. Its market-leading smoothness takes packaging aesthetics to new heights, delivering sharper images and excellent solid ink coverage.

‘Beyond its visual appeal, Kraftpak boasts exceptional durability and strength. This sturdy packaging solution ensures that products are well-protected throughout their journey, instilling a sense of reliability and trust in both consumers and businesses alike,’ says Cyndi Setia, Spicers Marketing & Design Manager. Moreover, Kraftpak's commitment to sustainability shines through as it proudly holds the FSC® Certification (licensed code FSC® C010371), affirming its adherence to responsible forest management practices. ‘With Kraftpak, businesses can align their packaging choices with eco-conscious values, taking a step towards a greener future,’ adds Setia.

We are committed to the development of sustainable products and services which help our customers and their clients achieves their sustainability goals. 

'The creative packaging series, ingeniously designed by Contain Studio and the Kraftpak packaging printed by Gunn & Taylor, has proven to be a testament to innovation and excellence. Spicers' collaboration with these industry leaders has resulted in an engaging and interactive printed promotion that serves as a valuable resource and reference for designers, specifiers, and printers. The promotion not only showcases the stunning capabilities of Kraftpak but also provides insights and inspiration to those seeking to elevate their packaging game.'

This dynamic partnership between Spicers, Contain Studio, and Gunn & Taylor underscores the industry's commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining the possibilities of packaging.

‘As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, brands must strive to differentiate themselves and forge stronger connections with their target audience. The addition of Kraftpak to Spicers' creative packaging series presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to make a memorable impact,’ says Setia. Its smooth top surface, exceptional runnability, and suitability for freezer and fridge applications make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries.

In this era of conscious consumption, Kraftpak's FSC® Certification, recyclability, compostability, and direct food safe contact provide peace of mind to businesses and consumers alike. Its excellent stiffness, tear resistance, and internal strength properties ensure that the packaging endures, maintaining its integrity and safeguarding the products within.

With Kraftpak, Spicers sets a new standard for creative packaging, empowering businesses to elevate their branding efforts and captivate consumers with stunning visuals and sustainable choices.


• Smooth top surface for cleaner, sharper images
• Great runnability, extremely clean on press
• FSC® certified (licensed code FSC® C010371)
• Strong and Durable
• Suitable for freezer and fridge applications
• Direct food safe contact safe
• Excellent stiffness, tear and internal strength properties make for extremely durable packaging

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