Fotoboden is an ideal flooring substrate for trade shows, visual merchandising, POS, promotion, TV studios, events and floor advertising. It can be used short to medium term for indoor and outdoor purposes. Depending on the ink there is no need for a coating or lamination. It can be used several times and is easy to apply.

    • Floor graphics



    EAN 4250983600100

    2,00 m (78.74 inch)


    EAN 4250983600117


    3,15 m (124 inch)



    EN 428

    2,00 mm (0,08 inch)

    Weight per m²

    EN 430

    1,45 kg / m2


    Wearing surface

    EN 429

    0,20 mm


    Fire behaviour certification

    EN 13501-1

    Bfl-S1 / B1 (low flammability)

    Anti slip

    EN 13893 / EN 14041

    DIN 51130

    DS > = 0,30 (dry)

    R10 > 10º - 19º (wet)


    Accoustic improvement value

    ISO 717

    16 db


    Electrostatic behaviour

    EN 1815

    anti static UP < 2 kV

    Underfloor heating



    Liability insurance


    € 10.000.000



    EN 14041

    2714127 / BOD-14-4-17-01

    Building approved

    DIBt DIN 18 200


    Formaldehyde group

    ENV 717-1

    E1 (no formaldehyde)

    Dimensional stability



    Resolution - Starting at 80dpi

    Method -  UV/Latex

    Abrasion resistance - ink dependent

    All values presented in this data sheet provide the general characteristics of the product. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or end user to determine that the product is fit for the specific application it is to be used for.