Ferro Film Matt 0.18

Ferro Film is a white PET film with a magnet receptive reverse that can be easily applied to the magnetic side of a magnet.

Print Side: Matt White PET - 0.105mm thick (includes print receptive coating)

Back Side: Antirust Steel - 0.08mm thick

    • Magnetic
    • POS Displays
    • Promotional graphics
    • Wallgraphics


    Thickness (mm)

    Weight (gsm)

    White Matt

    0.18 ±0.02


    Outdoor Life:

    General life times refer to the durability of the unprinted face film when subject to vertical exposure in temperate, non‐extreme conditions. Actual performance life will depend on media and surface preparation and exposure conditions. For example the direction and angle of the sign; in areas of long, high temperature exposure; in areas of high pollution or high altitudes, outdoor performance will be decreased.

    Printable UV inkjet and latex

    All values presented in this data sheet provide the general characteristics of the product. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or end user to determine that the product is fit for the specific application it is to be used for.