Encore Fluteboard® has been designed for general packaging, mounting and industrial print applications. Made from 100% post industrial Polypropylene. Corex have taken a holistic view on recycling and have engaged it's major clients in a recycling program. The program encourages clients to work together with Corex to return Fluteboard® and Corflute® materials for reuse. With our purpose built recycling facility, returned sheet in the form of retired packaging, printed signage and off cuts are all recycled and re processed into the Encore Fluteboard®, embracing the "cradle to cradle" principles of sustainability.
    • Recycling in a efficient manner
    • Maximising a limited resource
    • Reducing CO² emissions
    • Reducing land fill
    • Packaging products
    • Fabrication
    • Screen & Digital Printing
    • POS Display
    • Signage

    General Information: 

    Thickness (mm)

    3.0 / 3.3 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 8.0mm

    Corona Treatment

    Both Sides – Gauge tolerance  0.1mm

    Customer sheet size up to

    2440mm Wide


    Mottled White*

    Recommended service temperature:

    0°c – 50°c

    *Sheet colour will vary from batch to batch dependant on recycle feedstock