E-Canvas is a polycotton canvas material certified for HP Indigo printing that is ideal for stretching and framing applications. With an instant dry, high smudge and water resistance, it's recommended for use with HP Indigo 'One Shot' technology.
    • Polycotton canvas perfect for stretching and framing applications
    • HP Indigo certified
    • Recommended for use with HP Indigo ‘One Shot’ technology
    • Printable with full HP Indigo production speed
    • High light fastness with HP Indigo ElectroInk
    • Instant dry, water resistance
    • Canvas on stretcher frames     
    • Art reproduction    
    • Photos
    Colour          GSM              UM             
    White 340 380

    • HP Indigo certified (recommended for use with ‘One Shot’ technology)

    Properties       UOM    Results         Tolerance          
    Grammage  g/m2 344 ± 20
    Thickness g/m2 380 ± 20
    Mil 15.0 ± 1.0
    Gloss BYK (20°) 2 ± 0
    Gloss BYK (60°) 5 ± 0
    Gloss BYK (85°) 10 ± 0
    Colour Elrepho UVO (D65) L 94,6 ± 1,0
    a 0,0 ± 0,3
    b 1,1 ± 0,8
    Delta b 1,7 ± 1,2
    CIE Whiteness (D65/10°) >82
    Opacity % >96
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