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Compared to offset printing, digital printing can prove advantageous especially for shorter print runs that need to be completed within a tight time frame. To get the best results from this flexible process, it is recommended that you use specially designed digital paper in your press. Spicers provides a range of media solutions for all your digital printing requirements. Our comprehensive range of tested and approved substrates will handle all types of processes. Spicers’ dedication to the environment ensures that much of our range, from inkjet paper to photographic paper and more, is certified FSC paper. With industry leading brands, our papers are sure to perform both technically and aesthetically. Explore our range of digital paper today and find the one that suits your needs.

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  1. Pro Design

    A high white sheet designed for high quality, professional colour copying. 

    Learn More
  2. Revive Laser Digital SPI
    Revive Laser Digital SPI is a new premium HP certified digital printing paper. Learn More
  3. Revive Laser Digital SPX
    Revive Laser Digital SPX is a 100% recycled uncoated grade with good opacity, stiffness and an excellent surface for printing. Learn More
  4. Sirio Translucent Digital SPI
    Sirio Translucent Digital SPI is an affordable translucent paper suitable for direct food contact. Produced with ECF pulp, it's HP Indigo Certified. Learn More
  5. Splendorgel Digital SPI
    Exclusive to Spicers, the crowd pleasing Splendorgel range offers high quality, high whiteness, versatility, and a remarkably smooth surface. Learn More

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