Whether you need regular copy paper for day-to-day work, laser paper to produce professional materials with sharp text, paper with high bulk for covers, or more, Spicers has uncoated digital paper for you. Our uncoated range of digital printing paper is extensive and includes a variety of text and board weights with options to suit all budgets and environmental requirements. For example as an environmentally conscious business, we provide papers that are 100% recycled and FSC-certified. Designed to be jam free and compatible with all printers, faxes and copiers, our printing paper is available in a variety of opacities depending on your requirements. If you’re in the market for uncoated printing paper, Spicers is the place for you.

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  1. Brilliant Copy
    Made in Australia, Brilliant is designed to perform in all printers, faxes and copiers and is certified carbon neutral. Learn More
  2. Pacesetter Laser Board SPX

    Pacesetter Laser Board is FSC® Mix certified with high bulk and excellent opacity.

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  3. Pacesetter Laser Recycled SPX
    Pacesetter Laser Recycled SPX is a high white, high bulk sheet with excellent opacity. Available in text and cover weights. This product is PEFC™ certified. Learn More
  4. Pacesetter Laser SPI
    Pacesetter Laser SPI Digital is a high white, high bulk sheet with excellent opacity. Learn More
  5. Paperline Copy Tints
    Paperline Copy Tints is a multi-purpose premium paper with high opacity and jam free performance. Learn More
  6. Pro Design

    A high white sheet designed for high quality, professional colour copying. 

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  7. Revive Laser Digital SPI
    Revive Laser Digital SPI is a new premium HP certified digital printing paper. Learn More
  8. Revive Laser Digital SPX
    Revive Laser Digital SPX is a 100% recycled uncoated grade with good opacity, stiffness and an excellent surface for printing. Learn More

10 Items

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