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Digital printing is both time efficient and cost effective, especially when printing small volumes of content. In particular, small format digital printing is the best choice when you require flexibility and need to make constant amendments to your design as you can avoid the setup fees involved with having a new offset printing plate produced each time. To ensure that your final delivered product is of the highest quality, it is necessary that you use the right inputs which is why Spicers provides digital printing paper to suit all your needs. Peruse our comprehensive range of paper that has been specially designed for digital printing and enjoy quality results and fast turnaround on your digital print jobs today.

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  1. Astrobrights® Papers Digital

    Attract attention and make a bold statement with these extremely bright range of coloured FSC® Mix certified board weight papers.

    Learn More
  2. Brilliant Copy
    Made in Australia, Brilliant is designed to perform in all printers, faxes and copiers and is certified carbon neutral. Learn More
  3. Paperline Copy Tints
    Paperline Copy Tints is a multi-purpose premium paper with high opacity and jam free performance. Learn More
  4. Sirio Metallics Digital SPI
    Sirio Pearl Digital SPI is a range of digital coloured papers with a pearl effect. Made from ECF pulp and FSC® Mix certified, it is also HP Indigo Certified. Learn More
  5. Sirio Metallics Digital SPX
    Sirio Pearl Digital SPX is a range of digital coloured papers with a pearl effect. Made from ECF pulp and FSC Mix certified, it offers the flexibility to specify and print any colour you choose without the expense of ordering coloured metallic papers. Learn More
  6. Splendorgel Digital SPI
    Exclusive to Spicers, the crowd pleasing Splendorgel range offers high quality, high whiteness, versatility, and a remarkably smooth surface. Learn More

6 Items

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