Spicers’ range of synthetic products is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Including a selection of water resistant paper, tear resistant paper and more, these synthetic substrates are particularly suited for printing maps, labels, outdoor advertising and other collateral which will be exposed to wear and tear, thus where durability is key. Further, with options that are HP Indigo certified and dry toner compatible, you can choose from removable, reusable and durable products and enjoy brilliant colour reproduction and strong and precise ink adhesion. At Spicers our extensive synthetic range includes Yupo, Pacesetter, Teslin paper and so much more. Explore our site today and choose the best materials for your project.

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  1. Clear Acetate
    Clear Acetate is a clear PET film with a removable carrier sheet and is 1/S coated with gloss primer. Learn More
  2. Pacesetter DigiSyn
    Pacesetter DigiSyn is a PET synthetic grade designed to withhold greater temperatures than PP grades. Dry toner compatible, it is also tear, water, oil and weather resistant. Learn More
  3. Pacesetter Hi Stat Digital
    Pacesetter Hi-Stat is a static self-clinging film which requires no adhesive, applies quickly to most smooth polished surfaces and is easily removed. Learn More
  4. Polyart Digital SPI
    Polyart® Digital synthetic paper provides a top-of-the range matt finish that is water and tear resistant and is specially designed for use on HP Indigo digital presses. Learn More
  5. Teslin Digital
    Durable, tear resistant and waterproof, Teslin is a flexible synthetic paper with excellent bulk and opacity. It is also HP Indigo Certified and Dry Toner compatible. Learn More
  6. Yupo Blue
    High white with a super smooth surface, Yupo® Blue is 100% recyclable and ideal for short run printing. Learn More
  7. Yupo Octopus Blue

    Yupo Octopus Blue sticks to smooth, flat surfaces (glass, PVC, aluminium, etc) with no glue or residue, using micro suction technology.

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