When you need to print a limited run of material in a short amount of time, digital printing is the way to go. Our range of coated digital paper includes high quality A2+ papers and boards, hi bulk artboards and cast coated options. We have also introduced a premium quality photo paper certified for HP Indigo. Highly suited for printing crisp images with a high quality finish, our coated digital printing paper can be used to produce postcards, brochures, swing tags and more. From lustre photo paper to cast coated paper and boards, Spicers has all your digital printing needs so take the time to explore our site today and find the most fitting paper for your project.

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  1. Carta Solida Digital
    Carta Solida is a fully coated bleached cartonboard with a smooth finish on the top side and a clean white surface on the reverse. Learn More
  2. Monza Recycled Digital
    Monza Recycled is renowned for its ability to reproduce amazing and effective print results. Learn More
  3. Pacesetter Cast Coated Digital
    Pacesetter Cast Coated is a white one-sided cast coated board of high quality at an economical price. Learn More
  4. Pacesetter Coated Digital

    Pacesetter Coated delivers exceptional print quality at a competitive price.

    Learn More
  5. Splendorlux Digital SPI
    Splendorlux Digital SPI is a one-sided cast coated board with high gloss and whiteness. It's also certified FSC® and made with ECF pulp and HP Indigo Certified. Learn More

6 Items

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