At Spicers we believe not only in the power of ideas, but in bringing ideas to life. We are inspired to make ideas happen, and to grow them into practical and impactful solutions.

We are committed to being a trusted and dependable partner to our customers, employees and suppliers. A partner that delivers a wealth of knowledge, innovation and capability to create outstanding results.

Paper is our core, the seed of our success – and beyond this our offering continues to diversify. Our capability is growing as we introduce new techniques, products and services that are relevant and useful to our customers.

Our logo embodies partnership and diversification. Our spirit of collaboration is evident in the symbol, where the two mirrored forms unite around a subtle ‘S’. Our diverse business streams are represented by the flowing forms that stem from a common center point.

We are part of Spicers Limited which operates in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Each region we do business in has a personality of its own. This local knowledge means that we understand the issues and opportunities faced by our customers, and can partner with them to make the right choices for their business.

Spicers – moving forward with a united vision – bringing ‘ideas to life’.