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Spicers offers a comprehensive range of commercial printing paper in our coated, uncoated and specialty categories. Available in an extensive selection of grammages, colours, and finishes including glossy, linen and matt paper, we are proud to consistently meet the needs of our commercial print customers. As an environmentally-conscious company, we take care to stock FSC-certified, carbon neutral, recycled paper and more so you can have peace of mind knowing your business is doing its part to remain eco-friendly. Furthermore, to serve the more specific paper needs our customers may have, we also provide reliable ranges of self adhesive products and other synthetic substrates. Explore our products today and find the right paper for your professional printing needs.

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  1. Ace Screenboard

    A twin sided display board intended primarily for screen printing, the triple coated surface provides superior printing characteristics.

    Learn More
  2. Attica Graphic Board White Lined
    A one-sided, white uncoated board with a grey reverse, Attica Graphic Board White Lined 1/S has a super smooth surface. Learn More
  3. Carta Solida
    Carta Solida is a fully coated bleached cartonboard with a smooth finish on the top side and a clean white surface on the reverse. Learn More
  4. Neenah Classic Columns
    From boutique to corporate to letterheads and annual reports, Neenah Classic Columns complements memorable communications. Learn More
  5. Pacesetter + Hi-Bulk Artboard
    With excellent bulk and stiffness, Pacesetter Hi Bulk + Artboard is a 2 sided semi-gloss coated ivory board. Learn More
  6. Pacesetter Cast Coated
    Pacesetter Cast Coated is a white one-sided cast coated board of high quality at an economical price. Learn More
  7. Tablex Tinted System Board
    A multi-purpose system board with a smooth finish, Tablex is suitable for all types of mono and multi-colour general purpose printing. Learn More

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