Clear Focus EconoVue

Clear Focus EconoVue is an exterior mount for short term applications onto absolute flat glass surfaces such as building windows or glass doors at ground or first storey level. Made up of Calendered monomeric flexible perforated black (adhesive side) / white (printable side) satin PVC with clear pressure-sensitive adhesive and Universal Liner. Not specified for APNO buses.

    • Compatible with screen, eco/solvent, UV and latex printing
    • Perforation size is 1.5mm & open area is approximately 40%
    • Up to 12 month expected lifetime exterior
    • Flat windows
    • Glass doors of shops and offices at ground level 
    • Coaches & Buses

    Makeup:  Calendered monomeric flexible perforated black (adhesive side) / white (printable side) gloss PVC with clear pressure-sensitive adhesive and Universal Liner.

    Vinyl Thickness: 160 microns

    Release Liner: Dual layer liner comprising solid PE coated silicon paper liner attached to perforated paper layer

    Adhesive: Solvent polyacrylate removable transparent adhesive. Strength 4-6 N/25mm

    Perforation Pattern and Size: 1.5mm, approximately 40% / 60% open/closed areas

    Standard Widths/Lengths:  1370mm x 50m on 76mm core

    Dimensional Stability: Good

    Application Temperatures Recommended: 15°c to 25°c, Min: 10°c Max: 30°c (in shade)

    Service Temperatures: -20°c to +65°c

    Expected Lifetime Exterior: 12 months vertical application.

    Solvent Resistance: Fair

    Storage Stability: 9 months shelf life when stored at 21°c & 50% relative humidity

    Water and Humidity Resistance: Good. No variation after 48 hours and 23°c exposure to sea water.

    Expected Lifetime Exterior: 12 months vertical application.

    Printing: Refer to the Getting to Know OWV Fact Sheet. Compatible with screen, eco/solvent, UV cure and latex printing. Print image on white (non-adhesive) side. Testing recommended before production to determine appropriate profile settings. Recommended latex printers: HP Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl profile.

    Out Gassing:  3 - 5 days suspended vertically in well ventilated area. Trim after out gas period.

    Matching Overlaminate:  Not compatible with any overlaminate.

    lnstallation: Refer to the Surface Preparation and lnstallation lnstruction Fact Sheets; Apply to clean, dry glass surface. Use mild soap (wax free) and water, dry glass well. Do NOT use amonia, Windex@ or other solvent-based glass cleaner prior to application. Do not use heat. For use roll fed cold laminator.

    Removal Refer to the Care and Removal Fact Sheet. Remove by peeling from surface.

    Warranty and Disclaimer : 

    Refer to the Warranty Statement Fact Sheet. The information in this data sheet is presented for reference and illustration of general product characteristics only. Theinformation does not constitute a representation or warranty relating to the suitability or fitness for a particular application or otherwise create guarantees of product performance. ln all cases, purchasers should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this product for their specific application.

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