Beauty Unboxed with Carta Solida.

Discover Carta Solida, the versatile packaging board offering durability and sustainability, ideal for cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance packaging.

Carta Solida

Spicers welcomes a new addition to our Packaging series, Carta Solida.

Carta Solida is a fully coated bleached carton board with a smooth finish on the top side & a clean white surface on the reverse. Offering outstanding brightness, smoothness & stiffness, Carta Solida is PEFC certified, fully recyclable & home compostable. Ideal for high end packaging & is available in digital sheets.

Elevate your brand with Carta Solida’s premium quality, ensuring your products are not only stunning but also environmentally responsible. Redefine beauty packaging with Carta Solida!


• High Bulk
• Reliable & efficient in production, converting & packaging
• FDA approved for direct food contact
• PEFC Certified
• HP Indigo Compatible & Dry Toner Compatible


• Food packaging
• Pharmaceutical packaging
• Cosmetic Packaging
• Points of sale
• Book covers
• Postcards

Designed by Contain Studio
Printed by Adams Print
Photographed by Mark Lobo

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