Boundless Immersive

A sensory exploration without bounds.

As beautiful as our wide brown land is, it is also unapolegetically wild.

A place of extremes, and a boundless immersion for all the senses. It is precisely this untamed quality - from rough sandy deserts to foaming beaches, from jagged coastal cliffs to tangled forest flora - that makes this tactile promise so diverse and inviting. 

Boundless Immersive highlights the wilder side of Australia's palpability. And throughout, the Spicers range of Fedrigoni papers is featured through specialist printing techniques to elicit the full impact of its tangible nature. 

Boundless Immersive is a journey of the best and wildest our land has to offer and features: 


Freelife Felt

Freelife Vellum


POPticks Black (Sirio Black)

Sirio Metallics

Sirio Translucent 

FSC Mix Certified specialty stocks and available in Indigo and Dry Toner. 


Designed by

Photography by Greg Elms

Words by Peter Ivan

Printed by Gunn & Taylor Printers

Digital Print by Press Print Solutions

Studio photography by

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