Bauhaus Photo Satin Warm White

Bauhaus Photo Satin Warm White is s micro porous, resin coated photo paper with a warm tone, semi matt surface offering a perfect sharpness and precision with little or no reflection. This is a quick drying with a high batch to batch consistency. For photo prints and posters with a premium look.







    255 ± 10



    ISO 536

    Paper thickness

    265 ± 12



    ISO 534

    Gloss 75 degrees

    50 ± 5



    ISO 8254


    91 ± 5



    ISO 2470


    96 ± 4.0



    ISO 2471

    Stiffness   MD

    2.3 ± 0.8


    mN -m

    ISO 2493

    Stiffness   CD

    1.3 ± 0.5



    ISO 2493

    Compatibility: Aqueous (dye & pigment), Indigo, Latex

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