ALC PET Laminate

ALC PET Laminate is a gloss clear polyester (PET) film with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive.
    • Gloss clear polyester (PET) film with clear permanent acrylic adhesive
    • Paint and marker pen witll remove but can leave ghosting after repeated removal of graffiti 
    • Up to 2 years outdoor 
    • Polyester film has a natural resistance to graffiti markings due to its surface energy
    • Excellent solution for short-term applications 
    • It is recommended to give additional time for out gasing solvent in when laminating with a polyester (PET) film

    Construction - PET (Polyester), Acid Free
    Usage - PSA Cold Laminating
    PET Thickness - 36 microns
    Adhesive Thickness - 26 microns approx. Clear permanent solvent acrylic, PSA (pressure sensitive adhesvie)
    Total Thickness - 62 microns approx.
    Liner Thickness - 80 gsm single sided PE coated paper
    Outdoor Life - Short to medium, up to 2 years
    Shrinkage - NIL
    Finish - Gloss
    Cores - All on 76mm cores
    Laminating Temperature: Cold or heat assist up to 50°C
    Lamination Curing Time: Once the lamination is completed, it is recommended to lay the laminated print flat for 24 hours to allow the proper adhesive curing time prior to trimming or taking the laminated print for outdoor use.
    Shelf Life: 1 year (stored up to 25°C and 50% relative humidity), in original packing of the box.

    Test Items

    Test Result


    Test Method

    Peel (N/25mm) for 20 minutes

    for 24 hours




    on stainless steel

    Initial Tack (ball no.7/cm)


    JIS on stainless steel

    Peel Adhesion to liner (g/25mm)


    PSTC-1 30cm/min

    Cohesion(min) holding power

    1600 ↑


    Dimension Stability

    % shrinkage: 48 hours at 70 °C

    48 hours at 150 °C

    MD: 0

    CD: 0

    MD: 0

    CD: 0


    10cm x 10cm

    sample mounted on aluminium

    Surface Finish

    Gloss meter 60° reflection

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