ALC AG-14 Whiteboard LAM

ALC AG14 Whiteboard LAM is a clear gloss polyester whiteboard laminate with clear permanent adhesive.

    • Turns your vinyl into a whiteboard
    • Easy wipe off when using Aqueous markers
    • Great for Internal Sales and Office Applications / Presentations

    Construction - PET (Polyester)
    Usage - PSA Cold Laminating
    Film Thickness - 38 microns
    Adhesive Thickness - 25 microns Solvent based acrylic (permanent) pressure sensitive adhesive
    Total Thickness - 63 microns
    Liner Thickness - 100 gsm double sided PE coated paper
    PH - Absolute neutral
    UV Coating - YES
    UV Stability - 1.0 PHR
    Shrinkage - NIL
    Stick Factor - #10 (Ball)
    Finish - Gloss
    Core - 76mm

    Shelf Life: 1 year (stored up to 25°C and 50% relative humidity), in original packing of the box.