3M Prestige 40 Exterior

Long lasting comfort, savings and aesthetics at a whole new level with 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Exterior Series. Non- metalized technology applied to film eliminates corrosion, no need to edge seal, and no signal interference. High visual light transmission providing excellent aesthetics from 3 VLT'S (40%, 70%, 90%) Up to 97% infrared rejection providing energy savings and enhanced comfort. Low interior and exterior reflectivity enhances views while maintaining exterior appearance. Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading. Comprehensive warranty from 3M (10 to 7 Years Vertical Sloped Product Warranty, 1 year Labour).
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    400629 3M Prestige 40 Exterior 1524mm $156.78  / LINEAL METER $172.46  / LINEAL METER
    400630 3M Prestige 40 Exterior 1829mm $188.12  / LINEAL METER $206.93  / LINEAL METER
    400628 3M Prestige 40 Exterior 914mm $94.00  / LINEAL METER $103.40  / LINEAL METER
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    • Long lasting comfort, savings and aesthetics at a whole new level
    • Allows high transmission of visual light to provide excellent aesthetics 
    • Non-metallised film rejects up to 97% of infrared light to provide energy savings and enhanced comfort
    • Low interior and exterior reflectivity enhances views from the inside while maintaining an attractive look from the outside
    • Significantly blocks the amount of harmful UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of furnishings
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