3M™ Dichroic Film - Copper Bronze / Gold Blue

3M™ Film series for OEM Laminated Glass Manufacturers offering the same Dichroic look as the retrofit 3M™ Chill & Blaze Dichroic Glass Finish Films 3M™ Dichroic Film (Gold-Blue Dichroic Film & Copper-Bronze Dichroic Film) lets you create colour-shifting glass. It’s a distinctive and eye-catching way to make a long-lasting impression. Create one-of-a-kind architectural wonders using glass manufactured with 3M™ Dichroic Film. This film is laminated between glass layers to create glass that dynamically changes colours from different angles and lighting conditions. Compatible with EVA, SentryGlas® or PVB interlayer adhesives. Available in gold-blue or copper-bronze colours. These films have no Adhesive, Liner or Hard Coat. A Flexible Film can be printed, cut, patterned, bent, or combined with different glass types or interlayer adhesives. For Versatile Applications include shading fins, balustrades, exterior glass, partition walls, shower doors, artistic glass and furniture.