3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film is a simple, effective daylighting solution which comfortably brings natural light deeper into buildings. A retro fit film optimizing natural light in buildings helps provide a better experience for all. 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film is designed to move excess light close to the window and redirect it deeper into the building to increase the daylighting penetration. Bringing natural light deeper into the building helps provide the many benefits of natural light for more occupants as well as helping reduce the need for artificial lighting which can save energy. Reduces glare and discomfort caused by direct sunlight on occupants Extends daylight zone up to 2 metres into the interior for every 250mm of treated window. Redirects natural light as much as 12 metres or more into the building Can provide up to 52% lighting energy savings compared to baseline usage Can provide savings of up to 1.5 kwh/sq. ft. of floor area Comprehensive warranty from 3M™ (10 Years Commercial & Residential).